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Rookwood Pavilion    |    2692 Madison Road    |    Cincinnati, Ohio    |    45208    |    (513) 345-0744


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We LOVE reviews!

Even when we're not perfect, that will always be our goal.

It's nice to get a pat on the back when someone notices our hard work and extra effort.


Thanks folks!  :-)

  • Many unscrupulous business owners have tried to scam the review systems. The owners of these sites have had to tighten up the ways in which legitimate reviewers can post their opinions. 


  • We fall under the category of "local business" it is tough to get reviews to stick when they come from someone that is from out of town. (A major indicator of a "fake review", but 93% of our guests) We appreciate everyone that has taken the time to review us and your many kind words of appreciation. 

        Thank you again so much.


  • This is a list of the main review sites and some of the nuances that cause them to work the way they do.

  • YELP-We love YELP! But.....Yelps new review filter has made it almost impossible to review a business if you are from out of town or just opening a new account. If you have not reviewed 5 or more businesses or are from out of town like 93% of our guests Yelp will likely mark your review as “not  recommended” or delete it. If you are a YELPer or just adventurous  you can find Our YELP page for reviews here 



















      site,You can find Our AngiesList review page Here

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Our units are listed under "Vacation Rentals"

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